The 2023 season kicks off in Novaimport!

The good weather is here ☀️ and it's time to go sailing and enjoy the Costa Brava! In Novaimport, this year comes loaded with many surprises ⚡️
At Easter, we already have part of our fleet in the water, and we are kicking off the 2023 season. Little by little we will be putting the fleet in the water to be fully operational in June.

Spring is an ideal time to sail along the Costa Brava because:

-You can see a lot of wildlife that in summer is hidden and more difficult to see.
-You can sail quietly without crowds and access beautiful spots.
-Take advantage of Novaimport's low season fares.
-Explore new routes on the Costa Brava.


Go ahead and make your reservations now to have the boat of your choice for your holidays!

We are looking forward to seeing you!