The Navigation Club was born for all those clients that are regular users of our services. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy sailing on different days and with different types of boats throughout the season with several advantages. It's an easy and comfortable way to allow our clients to enjoy our entire fleet of boats, from the biggest sailboats to the smallest powerboats.


Those who want to be part of the Club will enjoy our special discounts for members in both high season and low season. They will also get a portable cooler in each rental made. Depending on the category of membership chosen, you will have different advantages, such as having discounts in extras like the Wakeboarding or the waterproof bag, a bigger discount on each rental, etc.

The navigation club includes:

- Up to 15% discount on each rental, depending on the formula chosen.

- Free portable cooler in each rental.

- Free tickets to The Barcelona boat show (Salon Nautico), if notified one month in advance.

- Subscription to our nautical newsletter


 BRONZE: A down payment of €1500 has to be made. You will get a 5% discount in each rental. It includes a portable cooler with ice in each rental. (DEPOSIT NOT INCLUDED).

 SILVER: A down payment of €3.000 has to be made. You will get a 10% discount in each rental. I Includes a free cooler with ice in every rental and 25% discount on extras (DEPOSIT NOT INCLUDED).

GOLD: A down payment of €5.000 has to be made. You will get a 15% discount in each rental. Includes a free cooler with ice in every rental and 50% discount on extras (DEPOSIT NOT INCLUDED).


- A down payment must be sent according to the member category chosen.

- At each rental we will withdraw its value from the credit account and the account status will be notified to the client.

- Once the credits have been used up, another down payment  will have to be made in order to continue with the Navigation Club's advantages.

- We recommend to reserve in advance to ensure availability of the desired boat, sending an email or in place. Quick and easy, without having to pay through the website.

- If the season is over and there are still credits in the account, they will be accumulated for next season.

- If there are remaining credits but not enough for a rental, a down payment must be made, it is not possible to pay only the difference. It will only be allowed if you no longer want to be a member of the Boat Club.

- All members are required to follow the general rental terms of the company (schedule, rights, and obligations, etc.)

- Petrol is not included in the price.


1.- Send us an e-mail at with the following details:

  • Name and surname
  • National identification number (identity card or passport)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Copy of documents: ID card and Navigation Licence

2.- The agreed amount should be paid at the account number:

Bank: BBVA
IBAN: ES85 0182 2570 1702 0177 3365
CONCEPT: CATEGORY CHOSEN (Bronze, silver or gold)
Remember to email us with the bank statement to

3.- From there, your membership in the Navigation Club will be confirmed  via email. That email will contain your invoice, a summary of credits in the account and the price chart for the current year.

Don't forget to bring your ID and your boat handling license required for the boat you have rented. It is mandatory to identify yourself in the shop and in the sea too.